Tailored Care plans should include all aspects of a patient's day to day needs so that all carers can deliver consistent home care services. The plan should cover details of any medication to be taken or administered, along with any other treatments. Meal times and preferred foods will also be part of the care plan. Depending on the level of need, a care plan may also include toileting and personal hygiene, daily tasks and errands, and sleeping and waking schedules.

The care plan should also list important information such as the patient's doctor and other specialists, the surgery they attend, any relevant medical insurance numbers, and emergency contact numbers for relatives. Whether the patient needs respite care, live in care or a regular home help, the care plan will cover all aspects of daily life.

Wherever possible, a care plan should be developed with the patient themselves. This allows them to retain an element of independence and dignity at all times. If the patient is unable to make the decisions for themselves, then a relative or friend will be involved in creating the care plan.

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